Wine grapes are easy to grow. The vine of the grapes can be trained for production or for beauty.

At Farm to Glass we sell wine grape vines suitable for the Pacific Northwest. We go to great lengths to insure that you receive a healthy plant that is free from disease and pests. It is very important to receive your grape vines from a licensed nursery that is regularly inspected. The commercial wine industry depends on us to make sure our plants do not carry any disease that carry over to the commercial crops.

Our Varieties

The grape vines that we sell are suitable for Oregon and Washington. Grapes produce fruit over the summer and is ready to harvest in late summer or fall.

Making Wine

Wine making has been taking place over thousands of years. The process of making wine can be simple or very complex based on the desired results. Growing your own grapes for wine gives you more control over your results.

Plant Size Selection

Grape vines can usually produce a crop in about four years from a gallon size plant. We are happy to offer an array of sizes for the farmer who wants a crop sooner.